Saturday, August 2, 2014

Halloween 365

Here at Kersey Valley Spookywoods, we are working year-round to bring you the scariest film quality characters, sets, and more! 
We're currently in full production, which typically begins each November with the writing of the script.  Everyone always seems surprised to see us working on a haunted house so "early" in the year, but man,it's a full time job! 
We create custom costume pieces for 100+ actors and staff, you won't find Freddy or Jason lurking in these woods!  Our show is 100% original. 
We design, build, paint and prop each scene down to the smallest detail. 

 The majority of our Masks, Creature costumes, makeup prosthetics and more are made in-house by our art department. 

Sometime we order props and masks, just like the ones you can purchase at your local Halloween store.  We alter them using many different techniques.  

Remember to follow Kersey Valley's blog to see future tutorials and more behind-the-scenes with our talented build crew and art department.   

Meet our Art Department:
Art Director, Show Director & Writer: Amber Michael
Special Effects Coordinator, Show Director & Writer: Joh Harp
Head of Wardrobe: Victoria Singleton
Fabrication Artist, Scenic Painter: David Harp
Fabrication Artist, Scenic Painter: Joel Sarvis