Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Design Fever

Our design team of Joh Harp, FX supervisor,  and Amber Michael, Art Director,  have been working through the winter designing all new experiences for our loyal Spookywoods fans.  The haunted attraction bar is continuously raised higher to bring our fans more detail and creative design to take the haunt a notch higher than the year before.  During the off season between November and March Joh and Amber have caught Design Fever once again as they retreat from the cold to hit the sketch pads.  The new layouts have been approved and now the sourcing of materials and the building of the new season is around the corner.

The art department also includes Victoria Singleton our costume designer for Spookywoods.  She is the brainchild behind all the amazing costumes that bring our characters to life in the haunted house.  She spends many hours creating the little details for our actors.  On your next visit take note as most of our guest are to interested in getting away from the actors they don't have time to notice.