Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Talon Falls Mud Run in KY

Talon Falls is a 40 acre Screampark venue in Melber, KY.  Located just 20  minutes from Paducah, KY that hosts Mud Runs and The Talon Falls Screampark  4  Amazing attractions every fall.  

Check out what they have planned this fall at www.talonfallsmudrun.com.  Todd and Shell Ferren are the owners of Talon Falls. They are my favorite people in the haunted attraction business, in fact they are my inspiration to keep pushing Kersey Valley Attractions each year.  Todd and I both share an incredible passion for creating amazing attractions and events.  We feed off each other with wild and crazy ideas, our wives think we are completely nuts.   When it comes to haunted attractions Talon Falls Scream Park is my favorite of them all, simply stated its a must see haunt. The best place to find out Talon Falls Scream Park and Talon Falls Mud Run events is the Talon Falls Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/talonfalls

Zombie at Talon Falls Mud Run in Paducah, KY